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DINING WITH DEANA: ‘Mangiamo’ – Centereach’s Brooklyn-Style Italian Market & Deli


I didn’t know too much about Mangiamo in Centereach. What I used to think was that it was an Italian pork store of some sort, that sold a few imported Italian pastries and pastas, a place to get your meats and cheeses, and maybe it could even offer some prepared foods.

I was right, and then some. Mangiamo’s is so much more than your average Italian pork store. Located right on Middle Country Road, this Italian market has been gaining attention not only in their neighborhood, but on social media as well. In fact, many influencers have been traveling just to see what all the craze is about.

Naturally, I had to join in.

Mangiamo’s isn’t just about food, it’s an entire experience. This business has taken “getting a deli sandwich” to an entirely new level. It is said that owners Camillo and Maria Galofaro opened their Italian market as a “Brooklyn-style deli,” and boy did they knock that assessment out of the park.

Immediately upon entering Mangiamo’s, you do not feel at all like you are on Middle Country Road in Centereach. You may feel as though you have been teleported to 86th Street.

You’ll see the customary meats and cheeses hanging from behind the counter, you’ll see the large variety of Italian imported goods, you’ll even see the Italian vespa prop; but what you won’t see is just how serious their sandwich game is – until you order one.

I ordered the #19 – grilled chicken with fresh melted mozzarella, tomato, basil and pesto. Let me tell you: Mangiamo’s did not disappoint in this department. The sandwich was on a crispy, delicious hot hero roll, with flavorful grilled chicken, and it’s warm melted cheese tied the rest of the listed ingredients all together. It was simply one of the freshest, most flavorful sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. And my, what a portion! There was no way I could finish the whole thing at once, but the consolation was I could save it for a later meal and enjoy the Mangiamo experience for days on end.

I also tried some of the H6 – a breaded chicken cutlet with prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato, roasted peppers and basil with olive oil and balsamic glaze on ciabatta– another one that was belted straight out of the park. It became even clearer to me that Mangiamo’s is working with the freshest of fresh ingredients across its entire menu.

While waiting for our sandwiches, I found myself browsing the aisles and purchasing Italian biscuits and pastas straight from the motherland as well. I made my way over to look at the tons of prepared foods that Mangiamo’s offers. There were pastas, salads, a salad bar, prepared vegetables, sausage dishes and so on. Everything looked so incredible that I was already jumping ahead, thinking of when I would have them cater for me— for catering is available!

If you have a little time during your busy summer, head on down to the store yourself to enjoy a local spot that will leave a lasting impression. I guarantee it won’t be on your bucket list of places to visit for long.

Mangiamo Italian Market and Deli is located at 1315 Middle Country Road in Centereach. All information is available on their website, which also takes orders as well! www.mangiamoitalianmarket.com 


Mangiamo Italian Market and Deli caters small or large events! Customize your party so it’s perfect for you and your guests. Offering appetizers, side dishes, salads, platters, cold buffet party packages, half and full trays, hot buffet options, sandwiches, heroes, desserts, panini’s and more!

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