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Politics & Government

Congressman LaLota Recognized as One of the Most Bipartisan Members of Congress

In an era marked by political polarization and gridlock, Congressman Nick LaLota (R, NY-01) has emerged as a beacon of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill. LaLota, representing the First Congressional District of New York, has...

Assemblyman Smith: State Education Budget is “Tale of Two States”

In January, Governor Kathy Hochul proposed a budget that included devastating cuts to 337 suburban and rural school districts across the state, including $78 million in cuts to 44 Long Island schools. In response...

Smith Seeks Accountability on COVID-19 Nursing Home Order Anniversary

A Guest Column written by New York State Assemblyman Doug Smith Four years have elapsed since a controversial executive order by former Governor Andrew Cuomo's health department set off a chain of events culminating in...

George Santos Fooled by Fake Twitter Account

Users of X (formerly Twitter) were treated to the ultimately irony this morning. Professional fraudster and disgraced former Congressman George Santos (R-Queens) was apparently fooled by a fraudulent X account, and baited in to...

Palumbo, Giglio, LaLota, Thiele Host Environmental Roundtable

Long Island’s unique proximity and relationship with the surrounding natural environment is one of constant discussion, importance, and planning. A thin sandbar surrounded by water, Long Island relies on its environment to sustain itself...

Suozzi Wins NY-03 Special, Wins Crucial Seat for Dems

            The political world is no stranger to shocks and characters, but few perhaps eclipse the shocking character of former Congressman George Santos (R-Queens). Shortly after winning the Nassau-northern Queens-based Third Congressional District in...

Port Jeff and Mastic Beach Receive Highwater Rescue Vehicles

           Long Island’s precarious environmental situation has been a top priority of elected and local leaders for decades. The geography of the island and its regular experiences of weather extremes make it more susceptible to...

‘Vocal with Governor Hochul’

           Last month, Governor Kathy Hochul (D) submitted her proposed budget for the 2025 fiscal year. Not only is the $233 billion plan the largest proposal in state history, but it’s also drawn the ire...

Suffolk Votes to Support Wastewater Legislation

            The issue of water quality and wastewater management has long been a conversation for decades on Long Island. Living on a sandbar, surrounded by water, on top of a sole-source aquifer has prompted...

Trust The Science? Fauci Finally Admits Pandemic Errors

By David Lewis Schaefer | Originally published on AMAC Former leading government scientists have finally admitted, albeit unintentionally, that they botched the response to COVID-19. But what we don’t yet have – and what the...

Commonsense “Trump’s” Conservatism

By Matt Kane - Originally published on AMAC There is some truth to the claim that President Trump is not the most “conservative” candidate running for president, but he doesn’t...

How Republicans Are Slowly Rescuing The Economy

By Aaron Flanigan -Originally published on AMAC Thanks to the Republican House majority, as well as the increasing likelihood that Donald Trump will defeat Joe Biden this November, the stock...

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