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Friday, July 12, 2024

Editorial Message

First Debate Single-Handedly Changes the Race

Some people aren’t fans of political debates, and we can understand why in some cases. Apart from oft-repeated platitudes and sound bites, debates can often offer nothing of true substance and just be two...

Remember What Really Counts this Independence Day

Americans are regularly in need of a holiday, sometimes so much so that we look at an interrupted work week or long weekend as a great excuse to relax, get together, have a few...

A Tale of Two Newsdays

We were flipping through some archives here at The Messenger and found something interesting: Newsday dedicated nearly their entire front cover to John Avlon (D-Gramercy Park) in their June 26, 2024 edition after his...

Avlon Wins NY-01 Primary, Dispatches an Actual Suffolk Resident

John Avlon (D-Gramercy Park) defeated former Stony Brook professor Nancy Goroff (D-Stony Brook) in Tuesday night’s Democratic primary for New York’s First Congressional District. While we’re thrilled that someone of the politics of...

John Avlon (D-’Sag Harbor’)

With the Democratic primary in NY-01 coming to a close, it’s safe to say that this year’s election has contained yet another all-to-familiar theme: off-Island carpetbaggers looking to cash in on the political clout...

Hochul’s 180s: Fare is Foul and Foul is Fare

It’s a rare sight when an elected official makes a decision that somehow manages to annoy everyone in all quadrants of the political spectrum. First, Hochul took it upon herself to quickly quash the MTA’s...

COVID Report Shows What We Already Knew

The Olson Group’s report on the State’s handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic has been released at long last, and it doesn’t reveal much besides what many had already surmised. Briefly, the report widely criticizes former...

Albany’s Session Ends and Leaves Much to Be Desired

We here at The Messenger usually like to take what we can get. However, living under Albany’s rule has much left to be desired for quite some time, but another mostly unproductive year as...

Tierney Again Demonstrates His Position as One of the Nation’s Best Prosecutors

About a decade ago, Long Island was gripped by fear, as the nation was simultaneously chilled, of an apparent serial killer in and around the Gilgo Beach area. For years, law enforcement agencies, district attorneys,...

Don’t Suffer Alone. It’s Not Worth It.

In today’s world, we’re taught one of two things: prioritize your emotions and feelings, consequences be damned; or, bottle up your problems and get back to work. There are both logic and drawbacks to both...

Convicting Trump was the Best Donation to His Campaign

When The Messenger took the trip into New York City last week to witness history outside Trump Tower, we weren’t exactly sure what we would see. We figured, at the very least, most of...

Single-Use Plastics Bill a Reflection of Personal Responsibility

The Suffolk County Legislature closed a public hearing at Tuesday’s general meeting on I.R. 1371, a bill sponsored by Legislator Steve Englebright (D-Setauket) that would ban restaurants and food delivery services from issuing single-use...

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