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Friday, July 1, 2022

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Editorial Message

The Slow Switch to Red in the Latino Community

For decades, the Latino community was reliably Democratic. However, according to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Battleground Survey Project’s recent poll, Democrats only hold a small advantage over Republicans with Hispanic voters -- at...

Assessing The Participation Generation

They say sports teach life lessons and things you’ll take with you forever. So when did kids stop having to earn a spot or work hard for something? As the high school sports season come...

This National Superman Day, We Remember Our Everyday Heroes

We at The Messenger hold absolute reverence for real-life superheroes. That is – police officers, firefighters, military members, healthcare workers, lifeguards and everyone else that works tirelessly to keep us safe.  “National Superman Day” was...

Emphasize Mental Health in ‘Men’s Health Awareness Month’

While females are more likely than males to attempt suicide, males are four times more likely to die by suicide, according to statistics gathered by preventfirearmsuicide.efsgv.org.  To prevent firearm suicide, and suicide in general, further...

Editorial Board: April 28, 2022

On Friday night, better weather than we’ve had on this Island and beyond it all year, younger generations reined in the seasonal changeover by doing everything but staying inside to watch the game.  Meanwhile, older...

Razzies Are a Bigger Joke than the Movies they ‘Reward’

The Golden Raspberry Awards – better known as the “Razzies” – in countering The Academy Awards, “honor” the worsts of the cinematic year. Disregarding Glee actor Chris Colfer’s coverage-outkicking one-line premise – that “every time...

Hochul Wants You to be Cold in the Winter

The ‘Green New Deal’ may not have gained any traction on the hill, but it has in Albany – and boy might we wind up paying for it. New York City Democrats and Governor...

Just Answer the Question

BLACKBURN: Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?  JACKSON: I can’t. I’m not a biologist.  As we near the end of women’s history month, we face a turning point in American society. The nominee...


Tired of Being Tired The United States Senate unanimously passed a measure called the Sunshine Protection Act. The act would make daylight savings time (DST) permanent starting in 2023. In other words, we’d spring ahead...

Ukraine Needs Us Now

It only takes one man to ignite a war. Against the will of the Ukrainian people, the Russian people and the international community, Vladimir Putin has launched the largest war on the European continent...

Consider The Lockout

In the wake of Major League Baseball’s labor shutdown that has now officially brought forth the cancellation of games per the will of Commissioner Manfred, fans must accept a hard truth: the “game above...

Hochul Caves to Local Pressure

Hochul Caves to Local Pressure It must be an election year because the people spoke, and the Governor answered. Hochul withdrew two of her misguided and bullheaded proposals from the state budget. The most irksome...

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