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George Santos Fooled by Fake Twitter Account


Users of X (formerly Twitter) were treated to the ultimately irony this morning. Professional fraudster and disgraced former Congressman George Santos (R-Queens) was apparently fooled by a fraudulent X account, and baited in to a series of mudslinging comments.

After Suffolk GOP Chairman Jesse Garcia denounced News12’s Power and Politics program for featuring former Congressman Santos, a battle on X, formerly known as Twitter, ensued between Santos and an expletive-laced parody account of Garcia.

“They are officially scared ladies and gentlemen… now the mud slinging starts,” replied George Santos in apparent earnest at the bot account.

The account Garcia usually posts from is @BrookhavenGOP. The bot account posts from @BrookhavenG0P. The letter ‘o’ is swapped out for the number ‘0.’

After a particularly vulgar spat between the fake politician and the fake account, Santos replied, “Omg how insane is it to essentially be sexually assaulted on @X by the @GopSuffolk chairman.”

When reached for comment, Congressman Nick LaLota (R-Amityville) said, “George Santos lied about everything and stole an election to get to Congress. I was proud to lead the charge to expel him!” He continued, “I wouldn’t put it past Santos himself being behind this fake account. Being fake seems to be all he knows.”

When reached for comment, Smithtown Republican Chairman Bill Ellis weighed in.

“George Santos is continuing his mockery of the American voter,” said Ellis. “He’s too dumb to know he’s being played like a fool. [The parody account] dove so far in to the gutter, and Santos sunk to his level each time. It’s sad that people are still giving this clown the time of day.”

New York Assemblyman and Islip Republican Vice Chairman Doug Smith (R-Holbrook) speculated further, “It would be pathetic but true to form that George Santos has resorted to imposter Twitter accounts.”

Most users in the comments were not fooled by the parody account. Here are a few responses:

User George Marshall inserted his own small jab against the disgraced former politician:

Santos was expelled from Congress in a largely bipartisan December vote, becoming only the sixth House member in history, and the first Republican, to be expelled from the chamber.

At the time of publishing, George Santos couldn’t be reached for comment.

Matt Meduri
Matt Meduri
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