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Candidate Questionnaire: Christy Barbera for Mount Sinai BOE



Briefly introduce yourself (hobbies, education, family, community involvement, etc.):

My name is Christy Barbera. I am a busy mom and wife in Mt. Sinai. I try to implement nature and the great outdoors with my family in the same simple ways I did growing up. My family life is full as my husband and I share 13 years of marriage, and we have three children, 11, 8, and 6. Like most, we are constantly busy with school, extracurriculars, and homework. We find it’s important to carve out time with friends and loved ones while also making time for the five of us to have family time. I recently graduated in December with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from SUNY Empire. I previously had an Associate in Business Administration and an Associate Degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant and have been a practicing Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant since 2009. I work in a local hospital and private practice.

Why are you running for school board?

I am here to be a part of a BOE that can communicate and listen to the community while being the voice piece back to governing bodies. The BOE needs to portray the needs of Mt. Sinai. I think it’s also important to provide answers to questions and emails. Our duty is to provide a competitive curriculum and activities for students. I will focus on the needs of the community pertaining to budgets, BOE project management, and evolving educational needs. I recognize the value of a solid education based on STEM, ELA, Social Studies, and hands-on activities ranging from the Arts to Athletics.

What relevant experiences do you bring with you?

The relevant experience that I would find an asset to the Mt Sinai BOE is my enthusiasm for continued learning and my innate ability to work with teams of people that each offer various strengths, skill sets, and personalities. I love listening to people, learning from them, making goals, and finding ways to create positive change around me.


What does curriculum transparency mean to you, and why is it important?

A goal of mine is to support the community with a transparent classroom. I think parents should be able to access the curriculum their children are learning prior to the semester so that the conversation can be open and the literature will be both appropriate and engaging. This creates a relationship between parents, students, teachers, and administrators that is healthy and respectful. A transparent curriculum should include building life skills, critical thinking, communication, literacy, comprehension, and advancing STEM skills. Transparency gives parents the ability to understand if their child is struggling and needs more support.

What is your opinion on armed guards in schools?

I believe that Mt. Sinai is a great district with a lot to offer. I think providing our great teachers with better resources and seminars is key to innovation. Providing children with positive feedback and opportunities for engaging in activities aids them in developing a strong character. I support that all schools should have retired LEO as armed guards to protect the children and staff due to high rates of undertreated mental illness and that school staff should practice safety drills with and without students. I look forward to the opportunity to support my community, listen to my neighbors, and make a positive impact in the Mt. Sinai District!