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We are very excited to announce that The Messenger has partnered with The Smithtown Children’s Foundation for a charity subscription drive, whereby The Messenger will donate $15 dollars for every subscription bought using the promo code ‘SCF’ or with the attached form.

For those who do not know, the Foundation was formed in 2008 to help a local Kindergartener named Kaylee Ann Rivers diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. While Rivers has since passed, the Foundation continued on and has grown to assist numerous families in paying medical bills and overdue household bills and buying medical equipment that is not covered by insurance.

The executive board realized they had created something special and needed in the community.

The organization kept growing to include college scholarships for graduates of the Smithtown Central School District managed by the Foundation, many in memory of those lost. Likewise, the Foundation funds a grant for classroom projects that cannot be funded through alternative means. Additionally, the Foundation works with the school district to provide supplies and food to those in need.

Where the school district cannot tread, the Foundation runs.

The Foundation now runs five chapters, all geared at different needs in the community. Most are in honor of those lost. One chapter, the SCF Hauppauge Chapter, is geared toward helping students in the hamlet of Hauppauge.

As word spread of their mission, student[1]run clubs and honor societies, as well as the Smithtown Industry Association Board and the Smithtown Teacher Association, began to fundraise with the Foundation. Other organizations, such as the Youth Bureau, the Sunrise Rotary and the Elks Lodge, have also helped the organization to grow.

The Foundation has partnered with other local charities to raise awareness for their missions, such as End Drowning Now, Kings Park in the kNOw and ReesSpechtlife.

The Foundation is one of those rare organizations formed of pain and hardship that transform the world around them every day into something a little bit brighter. The persistence and ability of the executive board make the Foundation one of the brightest stars in Smithtown and contributes to a sense of community unmatched.

Not all communities are so lucky to have organizations like The Foundation. It is only through the continued support of the community that they can continue to thrive.

Therefore, it is our sincere hope that through the subscription drive, we will be able to raise awareness and funds to assist the Foundation.

Please consider sharing this endeavor with your family, friends and neighbors that might be interested.

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