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Son Stabs Mother to Death in Deer Park


Gabriel Cabral-Cardona, 33, of Brooklyn, has been arrested for stabbing his own mother to death in the kitchen of her Deer Park home. 

On Tuesday night, November 15, Cabral-Cardona visited his mother, 54-year-old Olga Cardona-Hernandez. Cabral-Cardona was allegedly not feeling well and seeking a psychiatric evaluation at Good Samaritan Hospital. He checked himself out that same evening. 

On Wednesday morning, Suffolk County Police received a call for a domestic dispute at around 7 a.m. to West 23rd Street in Deer Park, according to Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison. 

Upon their arrival, Cabral-Cardona was standing on the front lawn covered in blood. His mother’s home, located in a well-kept neighborhood, was completely ransacked. 

“She is 54 years of age, on the floor, covered in blood, and she sustained several stab wounds, so the officers placed Mr. Cabral under arrest,” said the Police Commissioner. 

The stab wounds are believed to be from a kitchen knife that was located underneath Cardona-Hernandez’s body. Cardona-Hernandez lived alone on the ground floor of the home. Neighbors had heard screaming early Wednesday morning and called 9-1-1. 

Deana D. Boles
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