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Candidate Profile: Mario Mattera


Mario Mattera (R-St. James) took time to sit down with The Messenger to outline his platform. He mirrored state and local GOP positions with a special emphasis on regional issues such as water quality and sewering downtown Smithtown and Kings Park.

Mattera criticized “one-party rule” that he attributed to new MTA congestion pricing, bail reform, and the degradation of New York City. He continued to say, “we need to make sure we have a better balance [of power] and the senate majority.”

“The Most vibrant city in the world is ruined because of bad politics, we need to repeal cashless bail” by sitting with the stakeholders, said Mattera.

“We’ve secured $20 million and $20 million” to sewer the Kings Park and Smithtown downtown areas, respectively, said Mattera. He went on to advocate for newly district-incorporated Huntington’s wastewater treatment needs.

“I’ll always be there to protect our environment and our future,” he said before urging voters to support ballot proposition one.

Eligible projects that could be funded by the bond include the “$1.5 million per well for Suffolk County Water Authority AOP (aqueous phase oxidation) systems – 48 wells need it.”

Mattera connected downtown sewers to a greater downtown revitalization push, noting, “I always say construction is the backbone of the economy and local jobs for local projects.” 

In his capacity as a state senator, he has worked with Deputy County Executive Peter Scully and other local leaders to aid in the development of sewers.

Mattera has teamed up with many local organizations toward philanthropic and public health goals. Recently, he partnered with Stony Brook University Hospital to promote breast cancer awareness and hosted a backpack drive.

He proudly listed his long list of union endorsements including those of NYSUT, CWA, AME, AFL-CIO, the Nassau-Suffolk Building Trades Union, those of law enforcement, the trades and more. 

[Editor’s Note: Mario Mattera has received the endorsement of The Messenger]

Brian R. Monahan
Brian R. Monahan
News Editor for The Messenger Papers.