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Candidate Profile: Kevin Surdi


Kevin Surdi (R-Bay Shore), 35, was on the frontlines during COVID. And still is– out in the streets of the Sixth Assembly District – Central Islip, Brentwood and North Bay Shore. He is fighting for change because it’s his belief that there has only been stagnation under the incumbent, Phil Ramos.

But not for long.

“Brentwood, Central Islip and North Bay Shore have been ignored,” Surdi told The Messenger. “What we need is a change. The person that’s in charge has been ignoring them. We need a new caring and compassionate person to come in and bring the area back.”

Husband to Chelsea and father of three, Surdi has spent over half of his life as a first responder. He earned his start in emergency medical services as a Glendale Ambulance volunteer at just 14 years old. He began treating patients at 16 years old, and earned his first paid gig in this field

at 18 while working for New York City 9-1-1. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Molloy College and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Grand Canyon University.

Beyond college, Surdi has continued to produce an impressive track record as an ER nurse, hospital administrator, Manager of the LIJ Emergency Room and Director at Peconic Emergency Services.

Now, he is ready as a proud “non-politician” to dive into palpable decision-making and policymaking on the ground and in Albany. His three-fold platform includes tackling community crime, inflation and health – last of which he feels no one is more qualified to improve than him – head-on.

Surdi agrees his community was hit hard by COVID [on the topic of vaccinations, he assures he is pro-parent choice]. He also knows the tides can turn sooner rather than later. He has seen firsthand Long Island’s knack for coming together in the face of disaster, but implores whom he hopes will soon be his constituents to think about togetherness as a value at all times, not just through the darkness.

“I was deployed in Queens on an Ambulance during [Superstorm] Sandy. I was in the hospital as well. I was in the emergency department treating patients that lost their power, their homes…,” said Surdi. “Why do we need to have some kind of disaster for the communities to bond together and support each other?”

Surdi added, “Due to corrupt politicians, we’re still seeing people not getting the resources from Sandy. They still don’t have the insurance money. They still don’t have FEMA support. It’s all been kind of shut down. They come up with these loopholes –was it an actual flood, was it a

disaster?– Well this person just lost their house, so how about we just give them the money?”

With Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, nearing, one can be certain go-getters on the rise like Surdi won’t slow down their efforts in trying to shake-up the district framework.

[Editor’s Note: Kevin Surdi has received the endorsement of The Messenger]

Michael J. Reistetter
Michael J. Reistetter
Mike Reistetter, former Editor in Chief, is now a guest contributor to The Messenger Papers. Mike's current career in film production allows for his unique outlook on entertainment writing. Mike has won second place in "Best Editorials" at the New York Press Association 2022 Better Newspaper Contest.