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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Breaking Bond: She’s a Swamper, Not a Long Islander


Michelle Bond, the Congressional candidate for New York’s First District, was spotted at a CVS in Port Jefferson on Sunday. 

Aside from Bond’s infrequent Long Island sightings, her “businesswoman” title is a far stretch. 

Bond does not own a business, nor has she ever been an economist to earn that title. She is solely a devoted investor loyal to the crypto world, making her the CEO of ADAM (Association for Digital Asset Markets).

The Messenger received an anonymous tip last Thursday that raises concerns about Bond’s identification and D.C. connection.

Michelle Bond? A series of surnames and residencies raise questions about her integrity and loyalty to NY-1. Select portions have been blocked out to maintain privacy. (Courtesy: Anonymous tip)

Bond has denied the voter registration card from 2008 is hers, but the truth always comes out, and there is evidence to weigh out the blatant lies. 

Michelle Bond’s Voter Registration from 2009, exclusively obtained by The Messenger.

It is visible on Bond’s card that, initially, she claimed to be “independent,” however, to the right, there is a note that states: “To vote in a primary election in the District of Columbia, you must be registered with the Democratic, Republican D.C. Statehood Green Party.” 

Bond selected the Democratic Party. 

According to the anonymous tip, Bond has been married twice. Her first husband, David Adams, is currently serving as the Counsel at the law firm of Clifford Chance in Washington D.C. He attended The Catholic University, Columbus School of Law, the same law school Bond attended around the same time. According to his LinkedIn profile, Bond’s second husband, Daniel Bond, is CEO of Associated Builders and Contractors of Metro Washington. Speculation leads to believe Daniel Bond’s real last name is Youhas.

Michelle Begonja, her maiden name, doesn’t have the same effect as the striking name of Michelle Bond, though. It is unclear whether Michelle and Daniel are divorced or separated. 

Bond has footsteps from Long Island, west to Texas, and as far south as Florida. Her last recorded residency in New York’s First Congressional District was back in 2003– nearly 20 years of not living in the District. 

It wasn’t until May of this year that Bond began the rental of her tiny apartment in Port Jefferson. 

Bond’s connection to anything other than New York’s First Congressional District is connected to cryptocurrency and her, often questionable, past employment. Her most notable career was her time serving as the Attorney for the Securities and Exchange Commission, where she helped with the interpretation and implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act– under the Obama Administration.

Michelle Bond was interviewed by Business Insider back in 2019 regarding her involvement in legislation under the Obama Administration and new involvement with Ripple(Courtesy: Business Insider)

In 2019, Business Insider interviewed Bond about her involvement with legal reform and how she brought her knowledge to Ripple Labs– a crypto company with a public scandal. 

Business Insider wrote: “Although she’s based in Washington, DC, she hopes to bring some of Silicon Valley’s innovative spirit to the Beltway.”

“The market is immature, and so regulators are playing an important role to make sure no one is getting hurt,” Bond told Business Insider. “At the same time, people will get hurt if innovation doesn’t happen.”

Bond has regurgitated the same conservative slogans every chance she gets: “Pro-life,” “Back the Blue,” “Crackdown Illegal Immigration,” “Lower taxes,” just to name a few. 

From her housewarming party for her multimillion-dollar mansion in Maryland to her blatant lies about her residency to her lack of transparency of concern for NY-1, Michelle Bond has shown that her primary concern is not the constituents of New York’s First Congressional District, it’s cryptocurrency and power.

Daniella Rodriguez-Rebolledo
Daniella Rodriguez-Rebolledo
Lead Reporter for The Messenger Papers. Aspiring Broadcast/Multimedia Journalist/Reporter. Discusses Politics and Sports.