Suffolk County Republican Party Chairman Jesse Garcia (R-Ridge) (pictured right) issued the following statement in the wake of the guilty verdict against former President Donald Trump:

β€œToday, the liberal left has made it clear that they are desperate to manipulate this election by exploiting and weaponizing the criminal justice system to help their failed President Joe Biden. This is a disgusting distortion of justice led by a partisan district attorney who campaigned on sending Donald Trump to jail and a compromised judge who prevented evidence to be placed into evidence and issued slanted jury instructions. President Trump will no doubt rise high above this travesty through the appellate process and the Democrats are going to immediately see that this courtroom charade will galvanize support at the polls this year. We stand with President Trump and have no doubt that he will win an appeal and win another term as the President of the United States of America.”

Walter J. Mejia, President and Founder of the New York Republican Latinos issued the following statement: β€œI and millions of other immigrants came to this nation to escape the political corruption in our Latin American countries. The United States of America is officially no different than Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba. This court decision set an example for future political candidates β€” no one is safe. If they went after President Trump, the most powerful man in modern-day American politics, they will also go after you.
No one is safe.”

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