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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Suffolk and Nassau County Republican Committees Endorse Donald J. Trump for President


Suffolk and Nassau County Republican Chairmen Jesse Garcia and Joseph G. Cairo, Jr., have endorsed Donald J. Trump (R-FL) for President.

“President Trump won Suffolk in 2016, we were the largest county in America to vote for him in 2020,” said Garcia. “And we will make sure he wins big once again on November 5.”

“Nassau County has turned solidly ‘RED’ in recent years, embracing the sound and sensible governmental policies of President Trump,” stated Cairo. “We are eager to be part of a resounding election day victory for Donald Trump in 2024.”

“Suffolk County residents are feeling the pain of the Biden agenda,” said Garcia. “We stand ready to help put leaders in office who will once again put Suffolk and America First. Only with a Trump Presidency will we have a secure Southern border, foreign policy with peace through strength, and a reversal of the economic hardships created by the Biden administration.”

“The choice for President is clear in 2024,” observed Cairo. “Neighbors who are concerned about crime, safety, taxes and the economy support President Trump. Donald J. Trump will secure the border and put an end to Joe Biden’s sanctuary city policies, which have made communities less safe. What’s more, Donald Trump will fix Biden’s broken economy and provide meaningful tax relief for working families.”

“We cannot afford four more years of the crime and deadly drugs like fentanyl flowing into our communities,” stated Garcia. “The contrast this November could never be clearer. While President Trump was in office, he personally came to Suffolk County for a roundtable on gang violence, which led to bold policies and decisive action that indisputably made our streets safer. This is the leadership we need and deserve.”

“The future of our nation is on the ballot this November,” announced Cairo. “Our nation is facing unprecedented dangers abroad and at home because of the weak and directionless policies of Joe Biden. President Trump is the only candidate for the White House who fully supports the right of Israel to defend itself against terrorists, and our world was a safer place under Donald Trump. We need President Trump today more than ever.”

“Americans from all walks of life are waking up to the nightmare of Democrat rule, said Garcia. “Donald Trump is building a powerful coalition, including longtime Democrat voters who are abandoning blind partisan loyalties. We all know the stakes. The Suffolk County Republican Committee looks forward to doing its part to take back the White House and save this great country.”

“President Donald J. Trump has the full backing of the Suffolk County Republican Committee,” concluded Garcia.

“The Nassau County Republican Committee is proud to wholeheartedly endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States,” added Cairo.