The Smithtown community and Chamber of Commerce welcomed a new business to the neighborhood.

Latino Mixx Radio, a podcast studio and production company, officially cut its ribbon at 825 Veterans Memorial Highway in Hauppauge Tuesday afternoon.

Podcasting is a relatively new digital format that has given classic radio a run for its money. Podcasts are digital audio programs that are typically produced in an episodic format that are available to stream on multiple platforms, with Spotify being a prime example. Podcasts are usually geared towards specific audiences and can discuss an infinite number of topics, from a broad perspective of community matters, to discussing entertainment, culture, or “who’s who” spotlights, to incredibly niche interests and topics.

Celebrities and people of interest often participate as guests on podcasts or even create their own to discuss their stories, experiences, behind-the-scenes looks at producing movies, television shows, or music, or just to have a casual chat for listeners curious about the worlds they can discuss.

Popular podcast topics include crime, history, politics, cooking, and literature, just to name a handful.

In the world of digital on-demand mass-media, audiences can choose from a wide variety of content from their computers and smartphones, making the niche corners of the world all the more accessible and digestible. Such media has begun to outpace traditional media in recent years, and podcasts are to radio what streaming services are to cinema.

Latino Mixx provides their production services to anyone, from businesses, organizations, to even people just looking to discuss a topic. Podcasts are recorded, filmed, and edited in-house, and from there, Latino Mixx can help with outreach and publishing the episodes on various platforms. The Messenger got an inside look at the Latino Mixx studio and was glad to welcome the business to the community.

Kevin Montano, President and founder of Latino Mixx, says that they have an à la carte service when it comes to producing podcasts for their clients.

“Everybody has their own schedules and timing, so depending on how often people want to record their podcast, we can cater to that,” says Montano. “We don’t get involved in the podcast content-wise. All we do is make sure that once you come in the door, we will provide everything you need and then give you the finished product.”

Montano says that full-scale services are on the table, as well as smaller soundbytes or media for social media and marketing.

“We allow the client to decide what they want. We have our own platforms on Vimeo, YouTube, and our website where our clients can connect,” says Montano. “If a client says they want their podcast on Spotify, that’s their choice and we can help with that.”

Montano, a Hauppauge resident, used to have regular radio shows, one in the city, and one on Long Island, La Fiesta. But Montano realized the podcast industry has exploded in recent years and massive potential has been unearthed in being able to deliver a polished final product to virtually anyone who has content they want to share with the community, the Island, or the world.

“Everybody is on a streaming service nowadays,” says Montano. “Whatever information you want to learn about, that’s where you go.”

Latino Mixx offers rates and services on a subjective basis, depending on the size and scope of the project, business, and marketing, if applicable. Montano says that he has avoided flat rates, as he feels that a final, non-negotiable rate boxes entrepreneurs from earning business.

“I want something that makes sense for everybody,” says Montano.

Misolino Silva, who hosts Lit Long Island Talks, was in attendance for the ribbon-cutting.

“I’ve been with Latino Mixx Radio for about five months,” Silva told The Messenger. “Having a podcast available throughout the world showed me that my voice counts, so as a person who has a podcast, I think that spreading the word to Long Island is important.”

Eric Alexander, Director of Vision Long Island, was also onsite to welcome Latino Mixx to Smithtown and to offer his thoughts on doing good business.

“If you remove the narcissism, greed, and power-hungry behavior and get back to helping each other, doing business with each other, and learning about the community, you’ll just do a much better job,” said Alexander. “That’s the spirit of this place. We should open our eyes to different cultures, businesses, and activities across Long Island and cross-pollinate with each other’s worlds.”

Barbara Franco, Executive Director for the Smithtown Chamber of Commerce, provided the gold scissors with which to cut the ribbon, as well as offer her optimism and congratulations for Latino Mixx.

“We’re going to do great things together,” said Franco. “We’re going to bring our young professional and business leaders to you and I really recommend that we should have a meeting here so that they get the feel for what you’re doing.”

The group then moved out-side for the ribbon-cutting and citations on behalf of Assemblyman Mike Fitzpatrick (R-St. James).

“I want to congratulate the management and staff of Latino MIXX on their ribbon cutting.

I wish them much success,” said Assemblyman Fitzpatrick. “Latino Mixx will provide news and entertainment to Long Island’s growing Latino population for many years to come.”

“Kevin Montano is a renowned figure in the music industry, known for his trailblazing contributions and innovative approach to DJ culture,” said Ana Genao, Executive Director at Latino Mixx Radio. “With a career spanning over several decades, Kevin has established himself as a pioneer in the Hispanic community, collaborating with industry giants like Live Nation and Latin Billboard. With online radio podcasts reaching over 100,000 listeners globally, Latino Mix is a hub for creative content, dream realization, and industry collaboration.”

Latino Mixx Radio is located at 825 Veterans Memorial Hwy in Hauppauge.

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