Love is meant to be given. It is meant to be shared with the people we care most about. We share our love in hundreds of ways, all personal to our friends and family. Words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, physical touch, and gift giving are all our beautiful ways of showing these special people how much we care.

Love is meant to be given. It is meant to be spread throughout our communities, to our neighbors, peers, coworkers, and acquaintances. Though our love may not be as personal as such with family and friends, it is shown through kindness and neighborly efforts.

Love is meant to be given. It is meant to be internalized and given to ourselves. Love is treating yourself with grace, dignity, confidence, and patience. Self-love is arguably the most important love to be given. It is a personal love like no other.

Love is meant to be given. It is meant to grow with each individual we meet, and expressed through kindness, small gestures, donations, and philanthropic work. Love is meant to be an immediate gift given from one human being to the next to create a well-adjusted, triumphant, and pleasurable society.

Love is meant to be given. A simplified truth that is the 2024 P.S. I Love You Day’s theme encourages communities to spread love to the world.

P.S. I Love You Day, Inc, is a unique and special organization to the Long Island community. Based in our very own West Islip, and grown to be a nationally known nonprofit, P.S. I Love You Day was born through the idea that “tragedy should not be the force for togetherness; togetherness should be the force that ends tragedies.” On the second Friday of February, this wonderful day is celebrated with the grief of lost loved ones, and the appreciation and love for those who live around us, no matter who they are.

Every February, the day reminds us to not only spread love, but to internalize it as well. To believe in the idea that love can be a healing and lifesaving power in even the smallest of quantities. The truth about love is that it is often lost in the busy and distracted lives we lead. The smallest acts of love, ironically, are the most often left behind as we live day-to-day.

Telling our family that we love them as we leave the house or hang up the phone, sending a “how are you?’ text to our friends, opening the door for strangers, waving a quick ‘thank you’ as the car behind us lets us merge.

P.S. I Love You Day reminds us that love is given, and should be given, to every human being we encounter. Something we as a society should aspire to accomplish every chance we get. Something The Messenger vows to accomplish and urges all our readers to join us in spreading love every chance we get.

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