Marcus Stroman is no stranger to Yankee stadium. As a matter of fact, he grew up in Patchogue, where he had a stellar high school career pitching for the Raiders. He grew up going to Yankee stadium with his dad, a Suffolk County Police detective. Stroman, as most kids do, dreamed about standing on the pitcher’s mound with the Yankee uniform on. After a ten-year major league career with three different teams, Marcus is coming home to Yankee stadium.

A 2009 Pat-Med graduate, Stroman dominated League One and our own Brookhaven Town leagues. He garnered a reputation for an “untouchable” sinker among batters who faced him. Marcus throws extremely hard and then freezes batters with the movement he puts on the ball. He’s outspoken, a fierce competitor, and knows how to get in the opponents’ heads.

He played for top-ranked Duke University after high school, after which he was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays. He spent two years playing for the Mets and most recently for the Chicago Cubs. Stroman hasn’t been the average major league pitcher either. He was twice chosen for the All Star Game including this past year with the Cubs. He won the Gold Glove award in 2017 and was chosen for the All World Baseball Classic, where he was crowned the most valuable player. Despite some injuries, Stroman has an impact wherever he goes. He’s a tough right-hander whose overall stats say no different.

Earlier last year, there was some seemingly unfriendly chatter between Stroman and Yankees owner Brian Cashman. The chatter may have been what has opened the conversation about negotiating a contract with the hometown player. This past week, Marcus Stroman and the New York Yankees finalized a $37 million, two-year contract. There is also a significant sign on bonus and possible provisions made for a contract extension.

Stroman is quoted in multiple interviews this week that he has chills just thinking about standing on the mound hearing his name announced at the famous Yankee stadium. He’s excited that his family and friends will be able to see him play in New York again. Yankee fans are also excited about what this next season may bring. Marcus will be standing next to Cole, Judge, Soto, and Volpe, which collectively may be a recipe for another ring.

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