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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Kings Park Auxiliary to Post 5796 Welcomes‘The Psychic Godfather’


This past Friday evening, the Auxiliary to Nissequogue Post 5796 in Kings Park hosted a fundraiser featuring Jason Donegan, The Psychic Godfather. Jason was happy to donate his talent to the group in honor of his father, John E. Donegan, Sr., all our fallen soldiers and those soldiers serving today who are fighting for our freedom.

John Donegan Sr. served as St. James Sherwood Forest Commander of the American Legion in 1976.

In honor of all the supporters who attended this wonderful evening, Jason was sure to read every one before he left the building. Along with his incredible clairvoyant abilities, Jason has an innate ability to entertain the crowd. His pure heart pours out to the audience and touches each and every soul.

Tracy, one of the attendees, asked Jason, “What should I do in order to help me sharpen my own psychic abilities?” Jason immediately asked her to stand before the audience. He ran through some exercises with her, and wouldn’t you know, she read someone in the audience who then produced a photo! The attendee had tears in her eyes at the acuity of Tracy’s ability.

Another audience member, Chris, asked Jason, “How is my health?” Jason put his hand on Chris’ shoulder and told him, “You have a problem with your cholesterol, but your prostate is going to be fine.”

“Whoa!” replied Chris, who had been told three weeks prior that his cholesterol was through the roof and his prostate numbers were way off the chart. He is currently working on that diagnosis. If Jason is correct, Chris will be just fine.

Jason walked behind one guest and placed his hands on her shoulder, and asked her, “Who is Veronica?”

The guest said, “My mother!”

Jason replied, “This is her hand now, not mine is on your shoulder.” Jason added, “Your mother is here.”

The guest touched Jason’s hand, which was her mother’s spirit energy that Jason channeled.

By the end of the evening, thanks to Jason, the Auxiliary had raised $1,600.00 to spend on Veterans services here in Suffolk County and National programs. All guests went home happy and satisfied. Jason’s next event will be held on June 3rd at the St. James Calderone Theater. For more info on this event, contact CELEBRATESTJAMES.ORG.