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American Roadside Burgers Shuts Down


The well-known restaurant American Roadside Burgers in Smithtown has shut its doors after more than a decade of operation. This runs in tandem with the recent dissolution of the chain as a whole.

The burger joint stood on the south side of E Main Street in Smithtown, at the fork between E Main Street and Landing Ave.

The restaurant formally ceased operations last week. Since then, the lettering on the building has been taken down and the listings on Google Maps and Facebook have been removed. A quick Google search of the business confirms its status as “Permanently Closed.”

The restaurant was well-known for its variety of burgers and sandwiches, including but not limited to, beef, chicken, lamb and even bison, as well as a myriad of other classic American menu items.

The burger joint’s real claim to fame, however, was the ability for diners to build their own burger, which allowed stacking of toppings and ingredients with no extra expense. American Roadside was also known for its eating contests, including massive burgers and large steaks. Those who could complete the challenges would earn a position on the restaurant’s wall of fame.

“I will miss being able to point to the wall and say, ‘I was a Roadstar challenge winner,’’ said Connor Cunningham, 26, of Hauppauge. “My only regret is not getting my name on the wall a second time.”

According to a Reddit user, as some local sources have reported, a sign was posted on the front door that claimed the rising cost of goods made it too difficult to continue business.

American Roadside was, before the closing of the Smithtown location, relegated to the state of North Carolina, with one location operating in Charlotte. However, as of December 18, the chain’s website confirms the last of its kind has also been shuttered permanently.

All links to pages on the website now come back with an error code and the main page of the website is a brief “farewell” to their loyal customers.

The loss of American Roadside of Smithtown comes just a week after McDonald’s of Hauppauge’s Rt. 111 announced it would close its doors on New Year’s Eve after nearly 50 years in business.

Matt Meduri
Matt Meduri
Matt Meduri serves as the Editor in Chief of the Messenger Papers and writer of America the Beautiful and This Week Today columns. As a graduate of St. Joseph's University, Matt has been working in the political journalism field for over 5 years. He is a multi-instrumentalist, enjoys cooking and writing his own recipes, and traveling throughout the United States including Guam.