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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Post-Trump Politics Need be Sooner Than Later


Waking up hungover is how the National Republican Party appears at the moment. After getting high on their own supply for the past six years on the fantastical ravings of former President Donald Trump, they have awoken to find the red wave a dud. Despite voter concerns largely lining up with the Republican message on inflation and crime, a nexus of issues converged against the party’s best efforts – namely, the former President.

Without admonishing or unraveling the former President’s record, Trump served as a distraction throughout the election season, likely hoping to use the “red wave” to propel him back into the mantle of the presidency. And while many of his endorsements were successful, these successful endorsements were near universally in non-competitive districts. When Trump put his brand at risk by endorsing in competitive districts, he was largely rejected by the electorate. What should have been a referendum on President Joe Biden became yet again another referendum on Trump.

When Trump’s results came back, instead of acknowledging reality, he lashed out at rising star of the GOP, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In a poor-spirited show of vanity, Trump attempted to unfoundedly assassinate DeSantis’ character through a Truth social media rant. He once more placed himself above the future of the Republican Party and the good of the Nation.

Now, at a crossroads, the GOP can either assert its policies and positions as a big-tent, conservative party, or the GOP can continue to serve the interests of one man and his family. The GOP can place forward policy positions to strengthen American Energy independence, safeguard parental and student rights, increase the quality of education, and streamline government services, or it can aggrandize one man’s ego.

Stand for something or fall for anything.

The decision will rest in the hands of GOP primary voters and if they can envision their party without the presence of Trump. If they can chart a course forward above a mere unsavory reaction to the depravities of the woke-progressive left, or if they will continue to be guided by their rearview mirror.

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