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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Legislators Bontempi and Caracappa: ‘Light it Up Green’


Legislator Stephanie Bontempi and Nick Caracappa partnered with Home Depot and the Paramount to light up Huntington green in honor of Veterans Day on Friday. 

Legislator Bontempi and Nick Caracappa proposed a bill— that was passed unanimously— to not only honor Veterans on November 11, but to recognize November 7-10 too by lighting up our community green. 

(Credit: The Messenger Papers / Daniella Rodriguez-Rebolledo)

“It’s really an honor and Home Depot is, without a doubt, committed to the Veterans and Veterans organizations and giving back to our community,” Chris, of Home Depot, said. “We are honored to be a part of this.”

The green lights on the Paramount shined bright on the warm day. Gatherers came in support of the event for Veterans. 

(Credit: The Messenger Papers / Daniella Rodriguez-Rebolledo)

“This is truly an honor to be here today, to honor our Veterans. In particular, we want to recognize our transitioning veterans,” Chairman of the Veterans Committee, Nick Caracappa said. “It’s a difficult road for a lot of these veterans to begin that transition and we recognize that.” 

Suffolk County houses the largest contingency of Veterans in New York State. 

There are almost 153,000 Veterans living on Long Island. Despite this, just over 120,000 are not receiving VA health care benefits. 

Veterans are at a 57% higher risk of suicide compared to those that haven’t served, according to Stop Soldier Suicide. This is 1.5 times the national suicide average. 

“We have services available for them, resources available for them and this is one way to speak as a county, as businesses as homeowners, as residents, to celebrate our Veterans,” Caracappa said. “This is just one town that we are going to light up green in celebration of our veterans.”

Services include, but aren’t limited to, healthcare benefits, medical assistance, housing, mental health care and issuing a smooth transition from life in combat to life at home.

“Light a light bulb, your home, whatever you can do. Just let’s show a simple gratitude to our veterans and light up Suffolk County green,” Carappa said. 

(Credit: The Messenger Papers / Daniella Rodriguez-Rebolledo)
Daniella Rodriguez-Rebolledo
Daniella Rodriguez-Rebolledo
Lead Reporter for The Messenger Papers. Aspiring Broadcast/Multimedia Journalist/Reporter. Discusses Politics and Sports.