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Tooting Their Horn


Mets Invite Timmy Trumpet to Perform Edwin Diaz’ Iconic Walkout Music Live

Closers are some of the most feared pitchers on a baseball team. They’re cold-blooded by design, trying to get the hardest three outs of the game–the last ones. Now, add in some walkout music from the bullpen, and you have yourself a spectacle. 

Some of the more iconic walkouts are Trevor Hoffman’s Hells Bells walkout song and of course, maybe the most famous of them all, former Yankee closer Mariano Rivera walking out to “Enter Sandman” as he trotted to the mound to break the heart of the other team. 

This season, Mets closer Edwin Diaz has seen a resurgence in his career after struggling his first few seasons in New York when he was traded from Seattle.  

This comes coincidentally with the Mets having a resurgent season, and they currently sit at the top of their division. Diaz has a new walkout song this season called “Narco” by Timmy Trumpet and Blasterjaxx. 

With the success of Diaz being one of the best closers in baseball, and the Mets being one of the best teams, they invited Timmy Trumpet to perform the song live against the best team in baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

The first night the Australian Trumpeter could have possibly played the song, the Mets dropped the game to the Dodgers. The second time, however, he would not be denied.  

The Mets led going into the 9th on Wednesday, August 31, and Diaz was ready. Toy trumpets were handed out to the Mets fans to play along as the trumpet music blared throughout Citi Field. Diaz came on and closed out the game for the Mets on their way to taking the season series from the Dodgers 4 games to 3. 

That could be a potential NLCS preview, which could shape up to be an intense series. Diaz would play a big role, as would the rest of the elite Mets pitching in that series. 

Baseball fans are enjoying the excitement of the Diaz walkout, but some New York baseball fans have a gripe that Diaz may not even have the best walkout song in New York. 

No, the Yankees never had Metallica come perform “Enter Sandman” live in Yankee Stadium for Rivera, but there was always something about the slow bass strums that led to the drum build up, which would then send chills down your spine. 

It basically signaled the end for the other team and told everyone it was time to go home and go to sleep. “Edwin Diaz’ walkout song is dope, but let’s not get disrespectful calling it the greatest of all time,” said Yankees fan Danny Burrola. “When Enter Sandman comes on and Mariano Rivera steps out, you know it’s over!” 

“Mariano Rivera was the greatest reliever in the history of baseball,” said Mets fan Alan Steinberg. “But nobody has electrified New York City and baseball like Edwin Diaz.”  

Diaz, his success, and walkout song have certainly epitomized the Mets’ season thus far. Confident, exciting, and fresh. The run is certainly not over yet. The Mets are poised for what looks like a deep playoff run as they search for their first World Series appearance since 2015 and first title since 1986. 

They have run into a little trouble as of late, with the Atlanta Braves close behind. We’ll see if the Mets are blowing the victory horn when all is said and done.