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Monday, September 26, 2022

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Congressman Garbarino: ‘Main Street Sewers Coming to Holbrook’


Congressman Andrew Garbarino (R-Sayville) held a press conference on Monday, September 12 in front of Brinkman’s Hardware store on Main Street, Holbrook. The Congressman, amongst other public official and community members was happy to report they secured 3 million dollars towards putting in sewers in the area. 

Holbrook Chamber of Commerce’s President Rick Ammirati and Vice President Kevin Guilfoyle were on-hand to celebrate; they have been working towards this end since 2004. It is estimated that the project will be closer to 10 million in total to complete, but this funding will serve to get the project started.  

A lack of sewers has long been the obstacle for small business areas to grow and stay economically viable. Both Ammirati and Guilfoyle agree these sewers will breathe new life into Main Street and provide the opportunity for it to re-emerge to the honorable status it once enjoyed. It will also provide desperately-needed benefits to the environment and water resources. 

Ashlee Rich Stephenson of the United States Chamber of Commerce was also in attendance. She was there to present an award to Congressman Garbarino for his successes in solving real issues for the small business owners. This award is fairly new in concept and Congressman Garbarino is one of the first to be recognized. The beautiful handmade, carved wood plaque was provided by a small veteran-owned business known as FLAGS OF VALOR.  

Small business is the backbone of America – support for small business, especially now after the pandemic, is crucial for all communities.